Liver Pâté aka Leverpostej

Chef Claus Christensen – aka The Red – makes the best Liver Pate

As a color Leverpostej is sad and boring. As a lunch dish its among the best you can get. Our Liver Pâté is made from pork liver & meat we mince together with onions, mushrooms and anchovies and mix with whole eggs, salt & pepper, nut meg and a lot of butter and cream. And bake with bay leaves in the oven in a water basin for around 1 hr.

Served ‘warm’ with rye bread, a slice of crispy bacon and two classic pickles: Beet root & Cucumber.

The all year version of our close friend & Chef Claus Christensen’s (aka The Red) recipe. For Christmas we add carnation, and all spice.

Price: € 5.00